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Vision Care Syrup Liquid - 250 mL



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Helps maintain clear vision, improve eyesight and promote healthy eye function.


MapleLife® Vision Care Syrup is made from 100% natural, herbal extracts. A perfect combination of therapeutic herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine formulations, MapleLife® Vision Care Syrup contains high amounts of lutein from marigolds, blueberries, and goji berries. It also contains zeaxanthin, anthocyanosides, beta carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, and selenium for even more potent eye-care effects. MapleLife® Vision Care Syrup is sugar-free and can be taken by diabetics.


MapleLife® Vision Care Syrup is particularly reccommended for: 

1. Prevention of cataracts, diabetes-related eye problems, macular degeneration, and degenerative eye diseases;

2. Dry eyes; 

3. Vision loss, eye fatigue, and blurred vision;

4. Active people who spend a lot of time outdoors;

5. Chronic strained vision


Medicinal Ingredients: (per 15 ml)

Marigold Extract (20% Lutein, 5% Zeaxanthin) 37.5 mg
Beta Carotene Powder (10%) 30 mg
Blueberry P.E. 18:1 55.56 mg
Wolfberry (Goji) Extract 10:1 1,500 mg


Take 1 tablespoon twice daily with meals or as directed by a physician. Can be mixed with water or juice. Recommended to take continuously for 1 to 2 months.



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